Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wayhey! It's been a little quiet here this month, but fortunately not so much IRL.

You know how it is, everything happens all at once or not at all, which was totally the case this month.
It started off with an interview, followed by an invitation for a 2nd interview. Then a week later, an emergency interview with Rare and an interview with a developer in london, followed by an offer! At the same time I'm running two month-long freelance contracts for a games company and a film production house, and doing a course at Central St Martins to brush up my storyboarding skills. Happy days!! I havent felt this busy in a while and I love it!

So I start on Tuesday working for perhaps the most influentual games corporation in the world that I could only have dreamed of ever working for in the past and I can't wait, but here's a little clear out of random stuff I've been doing between work and play.

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