Saturday, 28 July 2012


So I visited Japan recently and spent a few days as a resident artist at Kayamori house and farm project in the mountains of Nara.

The weather wasnt great, heavy rain for the most part, so what was intended as a plein air visit was reduced to a more house-bound approach.

A charming building, with lots of character (and I became convinced that there were ghosts after my host, Aiko, showed me a number of books by the fantastic Shigeru Mizuki). In the 3 days I got a few paintings done, but another visit is definitely on the cards! 

Thanks to Jamie and Aiko for being such great hosts!

 A sheltered corner of Kayamori house's garden, where I hid from the rain and got eaten by mosquitoes

And then some random sketches done before bed!

 And this is the linework for my Yokai pinups project, starting with the Shirime!

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